Radboud International Training on High Ability

Practical information

Blended learning

RITHA offers you both online and in-person learning experiences all over the world: you’ll start with a group of international fellow students, who you will meet in person during the seminars and online in the discussion boards. Our  beautifully designed online learning environment called BrightSpace is developed to inspire you. And it fits into your busy lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere. It's up to you! In addition to the online RITHA course offer, you will participate in 3 seminars on inspiring locations, meeting your lecturers and international fellow students there.

Dates & Locations

In addition to the online training, RITHA offers 3-day seminars at your preferred location (Croatia, Malta or The Netherlands). 

  • Blended training, started in August 2018.
    3 day seminars will take place in Croatia on 28 - 30 September 2018, 15 - 17 February 2019 and 28 February - 1 March 2020.
  • Blended training, started in October 2018.
    3 day seminars will take place in in Malta on 26-28 October 2018,  29-31 March 2019 and 27 March - 29 March 2020.
  • Blended training, started in January 2019.
    3 day seminars will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on 25-27 January 2019, 30 AUgust - 1 September 2019 and 26 - 28 June 2020.
  • Blended training, starting in January 2020.
    3 day seminars will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, dates will be announced.
  • Blended training Hong Kong,
    3 day seminars will take place in Hong Kong, starting dates will be announced.

 Would you like to receive the latest information about new RITHA dates and locations? Please fill in the interest form and we will keep you posted.

Study load

The study load for the training is set at 30 EC. 

Certificate & Diploma

After completion you will receive the RITHA certificate from the Radboud (Radboud University) and the European Advanced diploma in educating the gifted (the ECHA diploma). The level of the diploma corresponds to EQF level 7.


The cost of the RadboudCSW International Training on High Ability Programme differs per region. Estimated price range: Euro 7.500 to 10.000.
Accommodation costs and travel expenses are not included.

The fee can be paid in one or two installments.